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Facebook Profile Frames are here for 2AWomen!

If you are wondering why Facebook profile rings with the name "" are showing up all over your newsfeed, it is because people love what we are doing nationally to counter Bloomberg's radicals. Scroll down to see how to add our profile frame to your social media profile!

By adding the 2AWomen profile ring to your profile picture you help us grow this organization. It is a bold way to show your support for the 2nd Amendment!

Here’s how you add this FREE FRAME to your profile pic:

1) click on this link:

MEN- click on this link:

2) follow directions!

Please share on your pages! Guys you can share it too!

With chapters in every state and over 1.7 million reach on social media, WE ARE THE ANSWER to Bloomberg’s radical anti-gun organizations!

Let’s spread the word that when it comes to the 2nd Amendment, there is no grey area.. It’s black and white!

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